Sunday, May 11, 2014

Two Stars and a Wish

Looking back on our trip, it's time to think about our highlights (our "stars"), and also our remaining desires ("wishes").  We all had different things that we loved, and different outstanding desires - most of which are in the category, "if we only had more time....."

Mrs. Becker

1.  Touring the Spirit Collection at the Museum of Natural History
2.  Seeing Once with Arthur Darvill, and then meeting Arthur Darvill
3.  Late night walk along the South Bank
4.  All conversations and jokes with students - including turfing, pleasant geese, cloudballs, dough balls, yew nork, games of telephone, "Three little birds", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and more.

Wish:  I wish we had more time in Cambridge.  Our guide David was so great and I wanted to learn more! I also wanted to go punting, walk across the bridge of sighs and take a million more photos (and bring my full camera battery - not just leave it at home).


1.  Westminster Abbey (see her post here)
2.  Stonehenge
3.  Natural History Museum

Wish:  I wish we could have gone to Oxford as well, but that leaves more to see what I go back! (hopefully not too long from now because I miss it so much already)


1.  Wicked
2.  Mini "parties" we would have in my room

Wish:  I wish we had more time so we could have visited France.  Overall I have no regrets, I had a fabulous adventure.


1. One of my favourite moments was waking up early to go to Stonehenge for the spring equinox. It was a memorable day since we literally woke up just minutes before leaving because our alarm clock wasn't working so we rushed out the door with our "take out" breakfast.I enjoyed seeing the vast countryside on the way to Stonehenge. Once we got there it was really cold and windy which just made it more memorable. The stones were really beautiful and the view was just incredible. It felt very special being there since you could only go and touch the stones 4 times a year.I loved that people were celebrating and singing because of the spring equinox. It was a very happy and joyous occasion which everyone could be a part of. The tradition of singing and dancing there really stood out to me and all the people were really open and wanted you to join in and be a part of their culture. Being at Stonehenge was a day that I will never be able to forget.
2. The London eye was nothing but beautiful. I was very excited to go on the London eye because I took so many pictures of it through the whole trip and was really curious to experience being on it. The half an hour ride went by really fast by just appreciating the breath taking views of the Big Ben, houses of parliament, Windsor castle and many other incredible buildings. I really enjoyed taking pictures with my friends with the exceptional backgrounds of London. The London eye was an unbelievable visual of central London in just thirty minutes!

Wish: I wish we were able to go to Madame Tussaud's Wax museum because I really wanted to see all the wax figures of celebrities. I also wish I could have seen more Broadway/Opera.  I really enjoyed Wicked and Phantom of the Opera and wish I had time for more.  However there's always next time!


1.  Going to windsor castle

2.  Bath

Wish: Go to Madame Tussaud's wax museum


1.  Turfing
2.  View from the top of the London Eye

Wish: That there had been no clouds the day we were at Stonehenge so we could have seen the sunrise.


I enjoyed the while trip so it's difficult for me to pin point just two. If I had to pick, I'd say that Stonehenge was one of the highlights for me. It was such a unique and once in a lifetime experience and also really fun. I also really enjoyed touring Windsor castle and Cambridge. I like the castle because you could tour inside of it and see how past monarchs lived. I like Cambridge because of the town and the university. It was so gorgeous there with magnificent architecture.

Wish:  My wish would be more time there! There is so much to see, and though we did a lot, I would've liked one more day there. Hyde Park would've been nice to see as well as more time at Camden Lock Market, but there's never time for everything!! I'm just glad that we were able to accomplish what we did with the time we had.

Mr. Dewinetz

1.  Rene's Jokes
2.  Unlimited Breakfast Bacon
3.  Dough Balls

Wish:  More impromptu sing-a-longs


1.  Phantom of the Opera and Wicked
2.  Stonehenge

Wish: I wish we would have had the opportunity to go on the Boat Tour on the Thames and to the Wax Museum.


1.  British culture in general; especially the diversity at Stonehenge and how people of many views of life came together to sing and dance into the equinox.
2.  Cambridge University.  That Uni is a place I wish to one day attend, and it was nice to see what I could be getting myself in to.

Wish:  A wish I had would be to have more time to enjoy the everyday things whilst in London.  The trip was fast paced, but then again, London is a cast environment that can't be seen in a vastness of days.  


1.  Making new friends/strengthening old friendships on this trip through all of the experiences we had.
2.  Being able to experience everything with my friends, like learning to ride the rube properly (after we almost fell the first few times) and later learning to "turf" (tube surfing), competing to see if we could manage to say in one spot balanced while the train went from station to station.

Wish:  A wish I have is that we would have had more time London experiencing the city with everyone; even though we had jam packed days in the city I still wish we could have had more.

Ms. Mulji

1.  All the grew history behind the architecture 
2.  The drive through the countryside enrolee from Bath with the quaint villages

Wish:  To have had more time to explore the area and shops by Shepherd's Bush


1.  The broadway show "Wicked" (it was perfect!)
2.  Stonehenge (Once in a lifetime chance to be there eon an equinox!)

Wish: I wish we had more time to spend in the two science museums  

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