Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Disney Experience - By Rashid

The trip to Anaheim and ultimately Disneyland was a truly amazing experience. I can confidently say it will be a highlight of my past, current, and future high school experiences. We learned so much about ourselves all while having fun at the same time. This trip taught me so much that I will remember it for the rest of my life. Throughout the workshops, we learned many valuable lessons.
On the first day in Disney Park, the workshop was about what it takes to be a leader. I learned that I have to be confident, respectable, a role model, and many other positive characteristics. This particular workshop reminded me that no matter how hard the challenges placed in front of me are, I AM POSSIBLE. That message really stuck to me because there are always tough challenges that I don’t feel confident I can conquer but I need to remember that there is always a way. Walt Disney is truly an inspirational man. He was able to conquer any challenge put in front of him. I find that very inspirational and to get me to keep on striving towards my goals.

Day two in Anaheim was at California Adventures.  We learned about leaving a legacy behind and establishing your own brand. Leaving a legacy behind is very important because people now and future generations will remember you as this type of person. This taught me that I need to aim to at least be kind to everyone because that’s the type of character I want to be associated as. I need to aim to do remarkable things and I’m sure all of us as leaders can do that. During the balancing cones on your head part of the workshop, the metaphor taught me to always stay positive. Even though there are plenty of flaws in me, I need to stay positive and remind myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

The third day we had a scavenger hunt back in the Disney Park. Myself and my team mates (Nica, Pallvi and Anika) all learned how to co-operate and strategize. Even though that day was a mostly a free time day, our team was confident and worked together in sync. We put the leadership skills we learned to the test and it was a great experience.

This was my first time in Disneyland and it was an unbelievable experience. The trip was so amazing because we all grew a lot closer and had tons of fun. We got to meet many of our favourite Disney characters and go on plenty of rides. I got to meet two of my favorite Disney characters, Aladdin and Woody which was really great. Many of us finally conquered our fears of some rides and definitely enjoyed going on them. I’m sure everyone agrees that California Screamin’ was definitely a favorite. Lots of amazing food was eaten. I absolutely loved the Dole Whip; the lineups were worth it! The souvenirs I bought were definitely money well spent! Every time I look at my lightsaber and water-spraying fan, Disney will always pop back in my head. My first time in Disney was truly flawless and amazing and there aren’t enough words to describe how awesome it was! My only regret is that we didn’t get to spend more time in Disneyland! This trip was fantastic and I hope that I can go on more with the school in the future!

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