Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Disney Adventures by Kiran

While at Disneyland for a leadership program, I learned and experienced many things I had not before. Overall the involvement was incredible and I learned so much about, not only leading, but myself and my peers. I learned facts about Walt Disney himself, how I look at the world personally and how I can engage and become a better leader. During my time there, I found that Student Council got a lot closer and started to know each other as better friends rather than just peers. This trip was very meaningful to me because I learned so much from the leadership activities that makes me want to strive to become a better leader, I personally feel that this experience is way different from going alone or with family because you also learned so much about and from your peers.  I always thought Disney was just another place, but it truly is the happiest place on Earth. Some of my favourite moments was the World Of Colour show, meeting characters such as Aladdin and Jasmine and of course just spending time with my Student Council (and dance) friends! 

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