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The study of leadership is one that can be applied to any discipline.  In politics, science, journalism, science, research, business and sports - we are all called upon to be leaders.  Developing the ability to understand what leadership looks like, who we are as leaders, and how to best inspire and work with a team takes time and dedicated effort.  Disney is one of the most successful businesses out there, and has one of the best reputations for training leaders.  In spring of 2014 we took a group of Sullivan Students to the west coast to work with them on this exact topic, and now we aim to dig even deeper this year with a series of workshops on east coast.

There are many benefits for a study abroad experience for high school students.  Such experiences have a huge impact on a student's life by expanding their horizons and changing the way they see or engage with the world.  Almost all high school students return from their time abroad with a much larger and in-depth understanding of the world and how it is connected.  During their experience, they are able to grow as individuals and receive an education allowing them to make increased connections about the ideas being presented to them in the classroom.  The positive impact of travel programs can not only just benefit the student, but make them better prepared for the future, often making their better potential candidates for colleges and universities as well as aid in scholarship applications.

Mrs. Becker will be running an opportunity this coming November to do just that - to get out of the classroom and into the world to learn, test and engage with important topics in Science.  This program is targeted at Grade 9 - 12 students who are currently involved in student leadership of any type and/or desire to explore their potentials as leaders.  All students are expected to be in good academic standing, and have a teacher reference to support their application to attend.  Every day of this trip is busy, and engaged in critical thinking, conversation, communication, team work and learning.  Students need to be ready and prepared for this.

Dates: This trip will run November 7 - 13, 2016.  The course runs over the Remembrance day long weekend, and through the week.  Students will be missing 2 days from school from which they will be required to make up the work.

Destination:  Orlando, Florida.

Accommodations:  Students will be staying on the Disneyworld property for the duration of the visit. They will be roomed 3-4 per room, by single gender.

Cost:  The cost of this trip will be $2100, payable to Sullivan Heights Secondary.  This includes flights, accommodations, all workshops, entrance fees, transportation, guides and food.  It does not the cost of travel medical insurance (which is required by the district).  Payments will be broken down as follows:
  • $600 (May 1 or upon enrolment)
  • $300 per month for June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, October 1. 
Note: You can pay the entire amount out at the beginning
Note: Should this payment schedule not work with your current financial situation, please email Mrs. Becker to discuss other payment schedule possibilities.

Itinerary: The exact dates and times will be confirmed this spring once students are registered and number of participants are confirmed.  However, the following is a list of locations, workshops and objectives that students will engage in. 

  • Leadership Strategies – this program examines leadership styles and strategies that promote success in an ever changing and growing world.  Students will gain insights into the role of communication and effective leadership in trying to achieve goals.  Focus on visionary and servant leadership and discussions that look at transitioning between leadership styles to meet the needs of an organization. 
  • Techniques of TeamworkUsing improvisational techniques to develop individual and team skills that are helpful with working in a variety of settings.  Looking at skills that create a high[performing team focusing on consensus, cooperation, diversity, communication, support and trust.  Exercises are designed to bring focus and clarity to help drive success.  Focusing on the philosophy of “we” rather than “me.”
  • Exploring Careers in the Zoological Sciences – Students will learn about animal care and the challenges facing the animals and ecosystems in our current world.  They will learn about the different roles necessary to care for animals within the park, and the world, and look at individual contributions to the overall care of animals.  Focus on conservation, animal behavioural studies, and environmental sustainability is included.
  • On-site team building and leadership styles assessmentstudents will work with each other to practice and apply team building skills, and make assessment of their current leadership styles and abilities.  Personal strengths, weaknesses, and goal setting will be part of the focus.  
Students are welcome to stop by my classroom any time if they have questions, and students and parents are welcome to email anytime at becker_a@surreyschools.ca.

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