Europe 2016

The continent of Europe is full of history & culture.  Getting to see history from the Roman Empire
over Medieval Germany allow students to access a time before Canada was even in development.  Connecting with the history and effects of World War II by visiting Munich and the concentration camp of Dachau will allow students to understand the effects of war in a way they wouldn't have access to back here in the classroom.  Students will be able to visit the world's smallest country - Vatican City - along with the world's largest church - St. Peter's Basilica.  They will have the opportunity to visit the famous city of Venice - complete with Canals and boats for buses.  They will see King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle, have a chance to visit (and take a train through) the Alps, and drive along Germany's Romantic Road.  We will venture to the lost city of Pompeii, the city buried in ash, and be able to hike up to the top of one of the world's most famous volcanoes - Mt. Vesuvius.  Art, Language, History, Architecture, Social Justice - and of course FOOD - are just a few of the things we have in store for this exciting travel opportunity.

There are many benefits for a study abroad experience for high school students.  Such experiences have a huge impact on a student's life by expanding their horizons and changing the way they see or engage with the world.  Almost all high school students return from their time abroad with a much larger and in-depth understanding of the world and how it is connected.  During their experience, they are able to grow as individuals and receive an education allowing them to make increased connections about the ideas being presented to them in the classroom.  The positive impact of travel programs can not only just benefit the student, but make them better prepared for the future, often making their better potential candidates for colleges and universities as well as aid in scholarship applications.

Mrs. Becker will be running this opportunity during spring break 2016. This program is targeted at students who will be in Grade 9 - 12 in the 2015 - 2016 school year, who are currently in good academic standing and have a passion for learning.   Priority will be given to grade 10, 11 and 12 students, though the trip is open to 9's as well, should they be mature, and both emotionally and academically prepared for a trip of this nature, and should they meet the qualifications.  All students who want to attend must be in good academic standing (B average or higher with no "N" work habits on their report cards over the past 12 months) and complete an application form stating there rationale for wanting to participate in this travel study.

Dates: Spring Break (March) 2016.  Students should not need to miss any school.
Destination:  Germany (Munich & Rothenburg) and Italy (Venice and Rome)

Accommodations:  Students will staying in rooms of 2 - 4 students (single gender) in a hotels or similar.

Cost:  The cost of this trip will be $3500, payable to Sullivan Heights Secondary.  This includes flights, accommodations, workshops, entrance fees, tours, transportation, guides & chaperones, team shirts, breakfast daily and dinner daily.  It does not include the cost of daily lunch, or the cost of travel medical insurance (which is required by the district).  Payments will be broken down as follows:
  • Down Payment $500 due April 24, 2014
  • Monthly payments of $300 due the first of each month from June 1 2014 - March 2016 (Jun 1, Jul 1, Aug 1, Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1).  
Note: You can pay the entire amount out at the beginning should you prefer.
Note: Should this payment schedule not work with your current financial situation, and you would like to discuss a different payment time line than above, please email Mrs. Becker to discuss your options.
** Note: a portion of the cost of this trip covers transportation, accommodation, and entry costs for chaperones, except where covered by the organizations

Student & Parent Information:  An info session for STUDENTS will be available at lunch on Wednesday April 8 in Mrs. Becker's Room, B206. THE FULL APPLICATION PACKAGE AND TRAVEL DETAILS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. A Parent meeting will be on Wednesday April 15 at 6:00 PM in B206 for those parents who have questions or would like to know more.

Chaperones: Mrs. Becker will be leading the charge, and additional chaperones will be part of the trip, with a maximum of 8 students for every 1 teacher.  

Itinerary: The exact dates and times will be confirmed this fall once students are registered and number of participants are confirmed.  However the following list below identifies the major locations, workshops, and sites that are included as part of this tour:

  • Rothenburg
    • Walk the Medieval Town Wall
    • Night Watchman Tour (what was life like in the Middle Ages)
    • Medieval Krime & Punishment Museum
  • Munich
    • Hitler and the Third Reich Walking Tour
    • Visit to local sites such as Marienplatz, Hofbrauhaus, Frauenkirche
    • Day trip to Schloss Neuschwanstein
    • Day trip to Dachau Concentration Camp and workshop on the Holocaust ** Please note the sensitive subject matter associated with this visit
  • Venice
    • Walking tour and visit to St. Mark's Basilica, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs
    • Boat ride through Grand Canal
    • Visit to outlying islands much as Murano
  • Rome
    • Walking Tour including Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Local Market (Camp di Fiori), Spanish Steps and more
    • Colosseum and Roman Forum visit and tour
    • Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica
    • Day trip to Pompeii, with hike to Mt. Vesuvius
Students are welcome to stop by my classroom any time if they have questions, and students and parents are welcome to email anytime at  If you are interested to know more about previous travel studies, click here to see the blog posts from the Disney Leadership, Florida and London trips of 2014.  

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