Sunday, May 11, 2014

"I AM POSSIBLE", by Dominique

A lot of people will tell you that there were events that really changed them as a person.
Whether that was meeting their favourite celebrity, talking to inspiring people or just soaking up an experience, it changed them.
For me, this trip really did that.

I'm a confident person most of the times.
But when things outside of school started happening over the past little while
(I'm fine, I promise ☺ ) 
I lost that confidence and started replacing it with doubt.
This lead to negativity
which lead to many other things.

The workshops really helped with that. 
Particularly when Kimmi, our Disney Youth teacher, 
told us to draw out our dreams and write out what she was about to say next. 

I wrote down "I AM POSSIBLE" 
but in actuality, she spelled the word
"I M P O S S I B L E". 
It really had me surprised, 
but it also got me thinking. 

My mind; like all the self-conscious minds in the world, 
was consciously scared, worried and horribly doubtful. 
Meaning that whenever I thought about it, 
I was doubtful,
I was scared 
and I was a worry-wart. 
But unconsciously, 
or naturally without even thinking, 
I'm confident,
and wonderfully and fascinatingly ready for anything. 
It made me realize that, maybe, I AM able to do things. 
I AM able to reach my dreams. 
I AM possible. 

What happened next was a blur of fireworks and water shows.

Now, this feels like this ended too suddenly,
but I’m not sure what else to write.

I just know I’m happier now.

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  1. I have noticed a great positive change in you, the confidence, and way you hold your head up high. You can and are make a difference, you already have in my life, being the editor of the Sullivan Newspaper.