Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reflections, by Shiraz

I learned so much on this trip. Walt Disney was an amazing visionary in his field. He was a pioneer in imagination, an idea seemingly foreign to people of his era. He created the first amusement park of his area, the first animated full length feature, and created a huge corporation that has lasted for decades. However, there were many struggles that he had to overcome. He lost the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which was a huge loss for him. To resolve this, he changed Oswald's features, to create Mortimer Mouse, who was a popular hit. He only had a limited amount of space to build Disneyland, but he solved this by using forced perspective. This made Disneyland look way bigger than it was. When people told him he couldn't do it, he had the courage and confidence to prove them wrong. Walt stood for 4 values. Confidence, Constancy, Curiosity, and Creativity. He showed this with 4 lands representing the 4 values. He left a legacy of inspiration, creativity, and imagination. All of which still impact us, even to this day. He is a role model for me, and for the rest of youth my age. I am so grateful for this trip. It taught me things in ways that I will never forget. Thank you, Mrs. Becker!! :)

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