Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Flawless" - Disney Reflection by Pallvi to describe my experience in one word, FLAWLESS. The Disneyland Leadership Retreat, a four night/day trip to Anaheim, California was probably the highlight of my high school experience. Going with members of Student Council, Dance Teams members, and other leaders throughout the school It’s safe to say we always had a leadership role placed in front of us, whether it was waking up on time or going to our meet-up place on time. All along our trip we managed to spread a positive vibe to those around us (ex. After the World of Color Show in California Adventure on our way out of the park we randomly started singing frozen songs like "let it go" and "do you wanna build a snowman?") This trip has taught me a lot about pushing yourself and being you… 2 things that go hand in hand.

One experience that I’m going to write about took place on our 2nd day in California Adventure Park.  During the workshop we were told to balance objects while going through a series of obstacles and in the beginning I was really focused on not dropping my object (which I balanced on my head). While doing I became so invested in worrying about not dropping it, which didn’t work because it was dropping multiple times. After we stopped halfway we were told that we had to hold 2 objects and I looked around.. and decided to help out a friend that look a little more worried than me. I walked over to my friend and helped her through it. I’m not saying that the objects didn’t fall they did. But when my friend and I went through the obstacles, walking downhill, or maintaining balance I tried relating it to life and saying to not worry and to keep going because in life sometimes you’ll need to be able to struggle and go out of your comfort zone in order to succeed. Near the end, two other friends started jumping on the net web and my friend started saying not to do that and to stop, but I told my friend to keep going because sometimes in life people will try to get on your nerves  and stop you from getting to your dreams and it’s important to learn to maintain your balance and keep going.
Basically this obstacle course was an analogy for life.  You need to keep going and no matter what others try doing to get you off balance, whether its in an activity or In real life, it’s important to stay firm to what you believe in. This is one of the many things that I learnt in Disneyland.

I’m super grateful that I, a student at Sullivan Heights secondary got an opportunity to go participate in a leadership workshop in Disneyland, learning about leadership, something I love to do while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks so much to all administration and ESPECIALLY Ms. Becker, thanks so much for putting the time and effort into this trip I can’t put into words how grateful I am. I think other students should definitely have the opportunity to go onto these trips. (:

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