Sunday, January 31, 2016


Europe has definitely been the adventure of a lifetime. From the historic landmarks to the mouth-watering food, Europe was everything I expected and more. I am so grateful to have been on this trip with an incredible group of individuals who have made every moment one to remember. 

Trying new food and dining at unique restaurants was personally one of my favourite things to do. The first day, we tried pannekoekens. I would've never guessed adding ham and cheese to a pancake would've been so appetizing before!  Although they were just hotel breakfasts, there was also a lot of delectable foods. In Amsterdam alone, I ate nine ham+cheese croissants in two days. The most memorable dish for sure though was the escargot and chicken stomach we've tried in France. Digging the snails out of the shell was quite the amount of work but surprisingly, both dishes were amazing and I would love to try both again. 

Enough about food, the historic sites we've visited are so remarkable. I went on this trip coming out of Social Studies 11 and knowing what has happened while visiting each site had such an impact on me. Many places such as Tyne Cot cemetary, Juno beach, Essex farm and many other places have been an honour to visit. Being there, you could just imagine the catastrophic events that took place there and visiting these places has really been an eye-opener. 

Many of the activities we've done there has also made the trip very worthwhile. The guided Canal tour in Amsterdam was incredible as we got to see many amazing spots in Amsterdam and tour the city. Walking down the Eiffel tower was an amazing moment. Seeing the view of Paris from such a high point was breathtaking. My personal favourite activity was the chocolate making lab we did in France. Who doesn't love to play with chocolate, make creative patterns and eat it afterwards?

This is just a small sample of my favourite memories in Europe. I loved every second of the trip and am thankful for this fantastic opportunity!

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