Sunday, January 31, 2016


Even the 200 something days before the trip impacted my life, this trip motivated me to get a job and work harder in school, I just wanted to thank mrs. Becker, mr.Becker ms.Kenkel and mr. D who took time out of there lives to plan this amazing experience. 

Being half Dutch I have always wanted to see some part of holland and I was not disappointed. Amsterdam was beautiful, breathtaking and I would have to say my favourite stop on the agenda. That may be because of the stroopwaffles and Dutch candies though. Jokes aside I definitely recommend going to Amsterdam. 

Next stop was Belgium, even though on the ride there we had to stop and get out of the bus in the pouring rain it was still fun and now I have a memory that I won't forget. Belgium had a very cute small town vibe that I loved. 

Our long ride to France was accompanied with the back of the bus singers and "sir" yellers, but once we got to the farm in Normandy everyone was ready to eat to sleep. Unfortunately for my group of roomies we left a window open and I light on, leaving the perfect place for bugs to come in. Upon finding the hundreds of tiny black flies we all ran into the loft of our bedroom and 7 of us slept there, the loft meant to be for 4 people it was an interesting night. Besides that the farm had cute bunnies and crazy sheep that made for a good laugh. When we went into town I got to have my first French macaroon in France and my first crêpe in France as well. They were amazing. 

After the farm we all hoped onto to the bus on route to Paris! Another fun bus ride and we made it to the beautiful city unfortunately we had to bid a farewell to our trusty bus driver and stick to the sometimes crazy metro. Paris was all that I hoped and dreamed of plus a little more. I got to check many things off my bucket list and fell in love with the city. I wish that I could write every little memory and moment down but I think that would get boring and a little to long, so I will finish with this. 

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